Roulette Ball (Pill)-15mm
Roulette Ball (Pill)-18mm
Roulette Ball (Pill)-20mm

Roulette Ball (Pill)



Our roulette balls (pills) are made of casino grade A white natural delrin that will last

indefinitely and not mark up your wheel like metal and other hard plastic pills.

Available in several sizes to fit most roulette wheels.

Professional casino wheels will normally have a large and small size pill on each wheel.


Ball Size 

Roulette Wheel Size 

3/8 inch 

12 inch wheels or smaller 

7/16 & 1/2 inch 

16  to 19 inch wheels 

9/16 inch  

19 to 25 inch wheels

11/16 inch

25 to 27 inch wheels

3/4 & 7/8 inch  

 30 to 32 inch wheels


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