500ct Mahogany Wood Poker Chips Case
500ct Mahogany Wood Poker Chips Case-1

Mahogany Wood Poker Chips Case (500 Capacity)

SKU: PC-500W


This item for 1pc 500ct Mahogany Wood casino style chips case.

The mahogany wood is shiny and has a very dark, rich look to it.

The case comes with a skeleton key so that it may be locked.

The case was shipped in a cardboard box with Styrofoam packing.

There was no damage in shipping. It holds 500 chips and there is also room to store up to four decks of playing cards or other accessories.

The case is very sturdy and the brass handles seem very secure and there appears to be no risk of them breaking while carrying a case full of poker chips.

Poker Chips not included.


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