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48'' Octagon Poker Table Top - Green

SKU: T004-G

This is the most customizable poker table top on the market.
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Octagon Texas Holdem Poker Table Top w/ Padded Rail Green

This item include:

1pc 48" octagon table top green color felt

1pc blanket

This is the most customizable poker table top on the market. The table top includes:

 2pcs base board, 1pc removable playing surface and 8pcs removable armrest

You can easily assemble them together or dismantle it into parts for easy storage.

 Item measurement;

48" diameter for the octagon shape table top

middle felt part diameter: 33"

Armrest width:  7"


Why buy from us:

  • Table playing surface is removable, you can easily change the felt when needed
  • Suited speed table felt, water proof 
  • The playing surface of this table top is whole in one piece, totally avoid 2 main problems from most of folding table toppers:
    • For other folding toppers, it will be easily block or jam the cards on the folding mark part when sliding the cards on them. While providing with whole in one piece playing surface, it will not happen on this table topper
    • Usually the folding part will be the most easy part to get worn or broken, with whole in one piece topper structure, you don't need to worry about it for this topper at all.
  • Heavy duty: The total weight is 54lb, while other similar table top weight is around 38lb
  • extra blanket provided to cover the surface of the supporting table, make it ready to use right awa

Note: We recommend that you place a blanket to cover your supporting table to avoid any possible scratches



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